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This website is all about plants, designing with them, and growing them in clay soil. I've been landscape gardening on this property for about forty years. It hasn't been easy, and it's been an education. Clay soil is heavy because it is made of tiny particles and those particles pack themselves tightly together. Certain plants don't thrive in clay soil, whereas other plants don't mind growing in it. When wet, clay soil takes time to drain, and after the water has drained, it is very dense and heavy. If plants have thin, delicate roots, they will not thrive in it and more than likely they will just give up.

I hope you will find something of interest for your own garden in my quest for the perfect plants to grow in clay soil.

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Recently I created a new website called - OurMarylandGarden.com about our own garden. There are many pictures of the plants growing in our garden, and the plants are named with their botanical and common names. You might find it of interest because many of the plants are discussed during their actual bloom time.