New Plant Lists

As some gardeners enjoy buying the latest and best plants available before many others have even heard about the plant, I've included this page to help them make decisions on their plant purchases. I am also one of these gardeners eagerly awaiting new plant lists each year. I try to include a variety of plants—trees, shrubs, perennials, vines, etc. The plant description is usually based on the grower's or retailer's information; therefore, I haven't had a chance to plant and assess the new plant's qualities. I will be making notations in the plant info if I find something different than what was stated originally.

Click on the plant's name for more information on it . . .

Botanical Name Common Name Date
Abelia × ‘Mardi Gras' Mardi Gras glossy abelia 2007
Abelia 'Minipan' Golden Anniversary abelia 2006
Acer campestre 'Panacek' Metro Gold® hedge maple 2007
Achillea millefolium ‘Wonderful Wampee' Wonderful Wampee achillea 2007
Agastache aurantiaca 'Coronado' Coronado Hyssop 2001
Amelanchier alnifolia 'Obelisk' Obelisk serviceberry 2007
Aster tataricus ‘Blue Lake' Blue Lake Tatarian Aster 2003
Astrantia involucrata 'Roma' Roma Astrantia 2000
Baptisia 'Carolina Moonlight' Carolina Moonlight False Indigo 2003
Betula papyrifera 'Cenci' Renaissance Compact Paper Birch 2000
Buxus microphylla 'Golden Dream' Golden Dream Boxwood 2007
Caryopteris × clandonensis 'First Choice' First Choice Bluebeard 2000
Centaurea montana ‘Amethyst in Snow' 'Amethyst in Snow' bachelors button 2006
Clematis integrifolia 'Juuli' Juuli bushy blue clematis 2001
Coreopsis 'Limerock Ruby' Limerock Ruby Tickseed 2002
Coreopsis rosea 'Sweet Dreams' Sweet Dreams Pink Tickseed 2001
Cornus hessei ‘Garden Glow'™ ‘Garden Glow'™ dogwood 2006
Cotinus coggygria 'Golden Spirit' Golden Spirit Smoke Tree 2001
Crocosmia 'Severn Sunrise' Severn Sunrise Montbretia 2001
Daphne × transatlantica 'Eternal Fragrance' Eternal Fragrance daphne 2007
Echinacea ‘Raspberry Tart' Raspberry Tart coneflower 2007
Epimedium × youngianum 'Purple Heart' Purple Heart epimedium 2007
Euonymus fortunei ‘Duncanata Variegated Vegeta' Duncanata euonymus 2007
Euphorbia characias 'Burrow Silver' Burrow Silver Spurge 2002
Forsythia × 'Courtacour' Goldilocks Dwarf Forsythia 2000
Genista lydia ‘Select' Bangle™ Dyer's greenwood 2007
Ginkgo biloba 'Umbrella' Umbrella Maidenhair Tree 2003
Helenium flexuosum ‘Tiny Dancer' Tiny Dancer Sneezeweed 2007
Heuchera 'Amber Waves' Amber Waves Coral Bells 2001
Hibiscus syriacus ‘Antong Two' Lil' Kim™ rose of Sharon 2007
Hosta 'Liberty' Liberty Plaintain Lily 2003
Hosta 'Revolution' Revolution Plaintain Lily 2002
Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Bailday' Light-O-Day™ hydrangea 2007
Hydrangea macrophylla "Red Sensation" Red Sensation Hydrangea 2006
Hydrangea paniculata 'LimeLight' Limelight Panicle Hydrangea 2001
Ilex × meserveae 'Honey Maid' Honey Maid Blue Holly 2000
Kalmia latifolia 'Firecracker' Firecracker Mountain Laurel 2006
Kolkwitzia amabilis ‘Maradco' DREAM CATCHER™ Beautybush 2007
Laburnum anagyroides ‘Fastigiata' columnar golden chain tree 2007
Origanum × ‘Amethyst Falls' Amethyst Falls marjoram 2007
Panicum virgatum ‘RR1' Ruby Ribbons switch grass 2007
Nyssa sylvatica 'Autumn Cascades' Autumn Cascades Black Gum 2001
Papaver orientale ‘Flamenco Dancer' Flamenco Dancer poppy 2007
Pennisetum alopecuroides ‘Piglet' Piglet fountain grass 2007
Perovskia atriplicifolia 'Little Spire' Little Spire Russian Sage 2000
Persicaria microcephala 'Red Dragon' Red Dragon Fleeceflower 2000
Physostegia virginiana 'Miss Manners' Miss Manners Obedient Plant 2000
Phlox paniculata ‘Volcano'™ ‘Volcano'™ garden phlox 2006
Phlox paniculata Volcano Ruby™ Volcano Ruby™ garden phlox 2007
Prunus sargentii 'JFS-KW58' Pink Flair TM Cherry 2003
Rhamnus frangula 'Ron Williams' Fine Line TM Alder Buckthorn 2003
Rhododendron ‘Bubblegum' Bubblegum rhododendron 2007
Rosa Roses 2006
Rosa ‘Meidrifora' Coral Drift® rose 2007
Rosa ‘RADcor' Rainbow Knock Out® rose 2007
Salvia nemorosa 'Marcus' Marcus Sage 2003
Sedum rupestre 'Angelina' Angelina Sedum 2003
Sedum × ‘Beka' Autumn Delight™ stonecrop 2007
Sedum 'Black Jack' Black Jack Sedum 2006
Spigelia marilandica ‘Little Redhead' Little Redhead Indian pink 2007
Thalictrum actaefolium Perfume Star™ Perfume Star™ meadow rue 2007
Veronica ‘Fairytale' Fairytale veronica 2007
Viburnum nudum ‘Bulk' Brandywine™ Smooth Witherod 2007
Weigela florida 'Elvera' Midnight Wine Weigela 2000
Weigela florida ‘Verweig' My Monet™ weigela 2007

New Plants for 2007

Acer campestre ‘Panacek' or Metro Gold® hedge maple has bright yellow fall leaves and a very upright, oval form. It is much narrower than the species. Grows to 35x20ft wide. Plant in sun in average soil and moisture; tolerant of urban conditions. Use as a street tree, hedges or screening. I like that very few seeds are produced.

Abelia × ‘Mardi Gras' has dark pink stems with fragrant, pink flowers from May until first frost, dark green leaves with creamy white edges, and dark pink to red fall color. Its habit is low and spreading to 3x4ft wide. Plant in sun in moist, well-drained soil. Leaves do not revert to all green as often happens with variegated abelias. Use in mass plantings, foundation plantings, or as focal point in landscape. Hardy to Zone 6 so not a good choice for containers.

Amelanchier alnifolia 'Obelisk' is a columnar serviceberry. New spring foliage opens coppery red and is followed by several weeks of creamy-white flowers in mid to late spring. Its summer green leaves turn in fall to all shades of yellow. Plant in sun to part shade in any well-drained soil. Grows to 15x4ft wide. Has purplish-blue berries ½ inch in diameter. Use in a hedge, accent tree, street tree in tight areas, and in foundation plantings.

Buxus microphylla ‘Golden Dream' has leaves that are bright green bordered with band of gold. Its form is compact and rounded, growing to 2x2ft wide. Plant in sun in moist, well-drained soil. Hardy to zones 6-9 so it is not a good choice for containers. Use in mixed borders, small groups, perennial gardens, and foundation plantings.

Daphne × transatlantica ‘Eternal Fragrance' has fragrant, white flowers with blush-pink coloring after cool nights; green foliage; blooms irregularly thru summer and fall. Grows to 3x3ft. Plant in sun in well-drained soil. It has a long bloom period and vigorous growth. Blooms appear up the entire stem rather than singly as for the species. Use as focal point or foundation plant.

Euonymus fortunei ‘Duncanata Variegated Vegeta' has frosty whitish-cream irregular, wide margins surrounding the deep forest-green center. Edges are whitest in shade. Leaves have satiny luster and heavy, leathery texture. Has greenish white flowers in late spring and one-third inch diameter fruit which looks like frosted pearls in summer, changing to a pinkish red color which open to expose the orange seed in late fall. The orange seed often lasts into winter. Form is an evergreen mounding shrub, groundcover or climbing vine growing to five feet tall and 2 feet wide. Plant in part shade (morning sun and afternoon shade is best) to shade in well-drained, organic, slightly acid soil. Does not soils that are constantly wet. Use in mixed borders and works well as a small climbing vine.

Genista lydia ‘Select' or Bangle™ Dyer's greenwood is a Proven Winners® ColorChoice® plant. Produces waves of electric yellow flowers in early spring. Has improved branching and texture over the species. Form is rounded to 2x2ft wide. Plant in sun and tolerant of most soil conditions and thrives in heat. Use in containers and mass plantings.

Hibiscus syriacus ‘Antong Two' or Lil' Kim™ rose of Sharon. This is a Proven Winners® ColorChoice® plant. This is the first dwarf rose of Sharon with dainty, white flowers with showy red eyes. Flowers last for three days instead of the typical one day for the species. Grows to 4x4ft. Plant in sun and is tolerant of most soil conditions. Use in mixed containers; mixed borders, around decks or entry gardens.

Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Bailday' or Light-O-Day™ hydrangea. Has wide, pure white edges around dark green leaves. Form is rounded to 5x5ft. Plant in part shade in moist, well-drained soil. Has lacecap flowers with large infertile white flowers surrounding the smaller pink or blue fertile flowers in the center. Mildew resistant. Plant in shady borders or shady foundation plantings.

Kolkwitzia amabilis 'Maradco' or DREAM CATCHER™ Beautybush. This deciduous shrub has golden-yellow foliage with orange highlights, and flowers are soft pink in midspring. Plant in part shade in average, well drained soil. Fall leaf color is reddish. Grows to 6-9ft high. Prune immediately after blooming. To renew plant cut it to the ground after flowering. Use as a specimen, container, mixed border, or woodland garden.

Laburnum anagyroides 'Fastigiata' is a columnar golden chain tree. Grows to 20x8ft wide. Blooms very heavily over an extended late spring and early summer season. Drooping fragrant yellow flowers are up to 12 inches long. Use as focal point for patio or small garden or in perennial or mixed border or in foundation plantings. It compact but full in form. Note: all parts of this plant are poisonous.

Rhododendron ‘Bubblegum' has single, pink blooms with small foliage and showy red stems. Grows to 3x3ft. Plant in sun to part shade and is adaptable to many soil types. It's an offspring of R. ‘Weston's Aglo' which is a P.J.M.-type rhododendron. Bubblegum's flowers are larger and make a better show against the larger foliage. Use in foundations plantings and as a focal point.

Viburnum nudum 'Bulk' or Brandywine™ is the heaviest-fruiting Viburnum with berries that turn from green to white and then bright pink and blue. Grows to 6x6ft and is a splendid native shrub. Birds eat the berries. Plant near V 'Winterthur' to improve berry production. Spring leaves are narrow, deep green, glossy, and reaching nearly 4 inches long. By late spring the 2- to 4-inch clusters of white flowers arrive lasting into summer. The foliage turns a rich, deep red before falling. Plant in sun to part shade and it is adaptable to most soil types and moisture levels. Use in mixed borders, accent plantings, or low screens.

Weigela florida ‘Verweig' or My Monet™ weigela. This is a Proven Winners® ColorChoice® plant. Zones 4 to 9. Has colorful green, cream and pink foliage with bright pink flowers. It has a dwarf habit growing to 18x24inches. Plant in part shade and is adaptable to many soils. Needs moderate moisture. Use in containers, mixed borders, and as accents.


Achillea millefolium ‘Wonderful Wampee' has flowers that open as a rich pink, then age to appleblossom blush. Has a sturdy, compact but vigorous habit with mounding form. Grows to 15inx22in wide. Plant in sunny, dry locations and is a natural heat lover. Blooms from June through August. Use in perennial borders and in containers. It attracts butterflies.

Echinacea ‘Raspberry Tart' coneflower. Has many electric magenta flowers from midsummer to fall. Has an upright and dwarf habit growing to 24in x 15in wide. Plant in full sun in coarse and slightly organic soil. Keep soil somewhat dry to control crown rot. Use in mixed beds and borders in sun.

Epimedium x youngianum 'Purple Heart' - Fairy Wings. Plant in part shade. The purple-tinged leaves become darker as they mature, providing a stunning backdrop for the near-white flowers. While the leaves on this tight clumper eventually turn green as the weather warms, they once again take on the purple color as fall arrives. Use in shady gardens as a groundcover or as bed edging.

Helenium flexuosum ‘Tiny Dancer' - purple-headed sneezeweed. Has brown rounded cones surrounded by a fringe of bright yellow reflexed petals. Grows compactly to 30x30inches. Plant in sun in average to moist soil. Use in wildflower garden or mixed border plantings. Branches readily unlike the species.

Origanum × ‘Amethyst Falls'. This marjoram has striking amethyst flowers growing from ornamental hops-like cones and attractive, fragrant, glaucous leaves. Grows to 12inx24in wide. Plant in sun and is drought resistant. Great for containers where you take a good look at the flower formation.

Panicum virgatum ‘RR1' or Ruby Ribbons switch grass. Has blue-green foliage that turns wine red and intensifies as summer progresses. Flowers appear in late summer followed by ornamental seed heads which persist into winter. Grows in upright manner to 4x3ft wide. Plant in sun and is adaptable to most soils except wet soil. Plant in perennial borders, mass plantings, and where colorful foliage is desired. Best to plant ornamental grasses in the spring.

Papaver orientale ‘Flamenco Dancer' This poppy was discovered in a field of P. o. ‘Turkenlouis' and has large, true-red flowers with fringed petals and black centers. Flowers measure 4 to 6 inches across. Grows to 30in by 24in wide. Plant in sun in well-drained soil. Use with late flowering bulbs in a mixed border; with late emerging perennials that can fill in the gaps when the poppy goes dormant in summer.

Pennisetum alopecuroides ‘Piglet' is a dwarf fountain grass. Grows to 18inx24in wide. Has early-blooming bottlebrush-type flowers in early summer. Plant in sun to part shade in moist, well-drained soil. Cultivar is half the size of ‘Hameln' and showier than ‘Little Bunny'. Best to plant ornamental grasses in the spring.

Phlox paniculata Volcano Ruby™ is a new garden phlox. It flowers from early summer into fall. This cultivar has large individual flowers and the flower clusters are also large with 125 or more flowers per stem. It is fragrant. Grows in a compact manner with strong, upright stems that do not require staking. Grows to 40in x 30in wide. Plant in sun in moist, fertile soil. Tolerates part shade. Keep plant's base well watered. It is mildew resistant. Use in garden beds, borders, containers.

Sedum × ‘Beka' or Autumn Delight™ stonecrop. Has chartreuse yellow leaves with green edge and red flowers. Grows to 18inx15in wide. Plant in sun to part shade in average soil. Use as a specimen or in mass plantings.

Spigelia marilandica 'Little Redhead' is a compact Indian Pink. Plant in sun to part shade. Grows to 12in tall. The stalks are topped from mid-May until mid-July with the stunning, tubular, red flowers, highlighted yellow inside. This came from Pam Harper. Use in mixed border or in wildflower gardens.

Thalictrum actaefolium Perfume Star™. This meadow rue has long-blooming, ultra-fragrant flowers all summer with large clusters of one-inch starburst blooms of soft lavender with bright white tips. Its blue-green foliage makes a nice contrast and the open, airy shape of the flowers. It is deer and rabbit resistant. Plant in sun to part shade in moist soil. Grows to 40in x20in wide.

Veronica 'Fairytale' has flowers with a two tone color from silvery-pink petals to prominent rosy-pink stamens. Profuse 7in tall blooms on compact, very slow-spreading plants. Plant in sun. Use in flower borders, containers. Flower in midsummer and if deadheaded promptly will repeat late in the season. Leaves are silver green and grow to 16inx14in. Plant in well drained soil in sun.

Rosa ‘Meidrifora' or Coral Drift® rose. Has bright coral orange flowers changing to coral pink. Has 20 to 25 petals in a cup-like form with 5 to 8 flowers per stem. Has semiglossy, small, dark green leaves and a very slight green-apple scent. Plant in sun in fertile, well drained soil. Form is rounded and less than 2 feet tall and wide and is used as a groundcover, in small gardens, planters, hanging baskets, and rock gardens.

Rosa 'RADcor' or Rainbow Knock Out® is the most floriferous of the Knock Out line of roses as well as the most disease resistant, being almost completely resistant to blackspot, powdery mildew, and rust. It reblooms ceaselessly from spring through fall. Flowers open orange from coral-pink buds then turn a soft coral-pink shading to gold at the base and surrounding a yellow center. As they mature, they gradually turn light coral. Flowers are 2 inches wide and are lightly scented. The various flower colors are often seen on the shrub at the same time. Has bright orange hips that persist through winter. Use as a hedge, driveway planting, ribbon of color in the perennial or mixed border, or container choice. Plant in sun in moist, well-drained soil.

New Plants for 2006

The explosion of new plants each year is mind boggling. As a designer it's difficult for me to keep up with them. Since I live in Harford county and garden with clay soil, I try to zero in on those plants that do well in our area and also grow well in clay soil.

One thing I've learned over the past 30 years is that plants with tiny roots, such as azaleas, don't do well in clay soil. Also, plants that are sold in small sizes - less that 3 inch pots don't usually make it when planted directly in the garden. They need to grow for a season in a pot and then be planted into the garden in August or September.

Getting back to new plants for 2006, there are a wide variety plants for us to choose.

New Plants for 2003

Looking through the December 15, 2002 issue of American Nurseryman magazine I found many great new plants that will be on the market this year and next.

Ginkgo biloba ‘Umbrella' . . . ‘Umbrella' maidenhair standard caught my eye right away as it is plant is very different from all other ginkgo trees in that it is a globe-shaped shrub top-grafted on a 4 to 6 foot standard. It's slow growing to 9 feet tall and only 4 feet wide. As with all maidenhair trees, it is very resistant to pests and disease as well as it is pollution tolerant. This would be a great plant in a small garden area or used as an accent tree(s) in larger gardens. As to its culture requirements, it needs full to partial sun and is tolerant of most soil types. Look for this in your favorite nursery. I think this plant will become very popular in the future.

Prunus sargentii ‘JFS-KW58' (Pink Flair™ cherry) . . . Pretty flowers are wonderful but a well shaped, compact plant is a real plus too. Pink Flair™ sounds like a perfect tree for today's smaller-size building lots. It has medium to large, bright pink spring flowers and orange-red fall color. It's more compact in height and more dense as a young tree, growing to about 25 feet tall and 15 feet after 30 years. Needs full sun, moderate to good drainage and average soil moisture. This looks like a great tree for small landscapes and as a street tree. I can't wait to see it in the nurseries.

Rhamnus frangula ‘Ron Williams' (Fine Line™ alder buckthorn) . . . I like Rhamnus frangula ‘Asplenifolia' with its very fine, dark green leaves. It adds great textural interest to the landscape. What I don't like about it is it's size; it's just too big. Now there is Fine Line™ alder buckthorn that has a unique columnar habit and finely cut, lacy, dark green foliage. It requires full sun to partial shade and is adaptable to most garden soils. It reaches 7 feet tall and 3 feet wide after 13 years. This plant has so many uses. Can be used in entrance and patio gardens, containers, narrow beds, or as an easily-maintained hedge. Great!

Baptisia ‘Carolina Moonlight' . . . Baptisia 'Carolina Moonlight'Baptisia or false indigo is a great plant for many gardens. Now there is a yellow flowered cultivar called to add a big splash of yellow to the landscape in late May into June. As with the other baptisias, its gray-green foliage remains attractive all through the summer into fall. It grows to about 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide and prefers full sun with moist, well drained soil, but tolerates drought when established.. Sounds like a great perennial to add interest to the late spring and early summer garden.

Aster tataricus ‘Blue Lake' . . . Have you been to Ladew Topiary Gardens or Chanticleer Gardens in the fall and marveled at the gorgeous Aster tataricus plantings? I have and I have often wished that I had an area where this tall, self-seeding aster would have enough room to look great. Now, there is Blue Lake aster with sky-blue 1 inch wide daisylike flowers that bloom in spring with periodic blooming through the summer into the fall. It grows only two feet tall and one foot wide! What a great find. It needs full sun and average soil. The long season of bloom time is enough in itself to make me want to try it.

Hosta ‘Liberty' . . . Hosta 'Liberty'At a recent 2003 Delaware Valley Hosta Society meeting, I purchased this hosta not knowing that this is a very new hosta that will be in great demand by hostaphiles. It has large blue, heart-shaped leaves with streaky, creamy white margins and pale lavender flowers in early summer. It prefers moist, well-drained soil in partial sun to light shade. As you can see from the picture it should be a knockout in the light shade garden once it matures. Grows to about three feet tall and wide.

Salvia nemorosa ‘Marcus' . . . This salvia should be a good seller because of its compact habit. Grows to 12 inches wide with 8 inch flower spikes at maturity. Has dark violet-purple flowers. it was discovered as a seedling of the much larger Salvia nemorosa ‘East Friesland'.

Sedum rupestre ‘Angelina' . . . Sedum rupestre 'Angelina'For the dry, sunny garden, Sedum 'Angelina' looks like a winner. I actually purchased one at Blackcreek nursery near Lancaster, Pa early this spring. It definitely caught my eye and I just had to buy it. It has bright yellow linear leaves and is a prostrate grower. It works well in containers or baskets or planted in the ground as a ground cover.

New Plants for 2002

Coreopsis 'Limerock Ruby' . . . Coreopsis 'Limerock Ruby'From the pictures of this plant, I think it should be a big seller this year with its gorgeous ruby-red flowers. My scan came out very poorly as the color is really a ruby red. This is a cultivar of Coreopsis verticillata which is a drought tolerant, long-blooming perennial for sunny sites and a close relative of Coreopsis 'Moonbeam'. The Plant Delights catalog calls this a "dazzling new hybrid". As this plant is in several catalogs this year, I hope it will also be available locally. [NOTE 2006: This is not hardy in Harford County; however, it is still a great tender perennial for pot culture.]

Hosta 'Revolution' . . . Hosta 'Revolution'For Hosta lovers, this hosta should be a winner with its creamy-white center speckled with dark green. The heart-shaped leaves are also bordered in dark green. It's lavender flowers appear in mid summer. The plant grows 10 inches high and 20 inches wide. The Jung catalog instructs to "Plant in shade to one-half day morning sun". Again, I've seen this new hosta in several catalogs and I hope it will be available locally as well.

Euphorbia characias 'Burrow Silver' . . . Euphorbia 'Burrow Silver'Euphorbias are gaining in popularity.The Mid-Atlantic group of the Hardy Plant Society presented a talk recently on Euphorbias by Timothy Walker, a euphorbia expert from England. Euphorbia characias 'Burrow Silver' is being offered in many mail order catalogs. It's variegated with blue-green leaves edged in yellow. It looks like a great foliage plant for sunny areas. Wayside Gardens catalog describes its flowers: "In early spring . . . 10-inch flowerheads hold thousands of miniature chartreuse blooms that last for 5 to 7 weeks". Sounds great for a well-drained, sunny site. One thing I must mention though, wear gloves when handling any euphorbia because its milky sap can cause dermatitis.

New Plants for 2001

There are so many new plants available to retail customers this year, and I've had a difficult time trying to decide what to include. Here's a very short list.

New Plants for 2000

Here are a few of the new plants that will be available this spring. Perhaps this list includes that perfect plant for your own garden.

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