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Local Garden Nurseries . . .

McLean Nurseries

McLean Nurseries on Satyr Hill Road in Baltimore Maryland has been growing and selling hollies since 1946. They specialize in Ilex opaca, the American holly, and they also sell many other different holly species. It's possible on any one visit to see over 100 different hollies. They have green hollies, variegated hollies, hollies with red berries, hollies with yellow berries, and hollies with yellow-splashed leaves. You'll find English hollies, Japanese hollies, Chinese hollies, tall hollies, tiny hollies, hollies with spines, and hollies without spines. It's just amazing the varieties of hollies that exist today.

Bill Kuhl is the owner and he will help you select the right holly for your needs. Hollies can be used in so many ways on lots both large and small. They can be used as screens, as corner markers, as hedges (both formal and informal), as the main plants or accents in foundation plantings, beds and borders, and in rock gardens. McLean Nurseries has a holly or two to fill each of those needs.

Many of the American hollies that McLean Nurseries has introduced are very well known and sold by many nurseries nationwide. One is Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill'. A mature specimen of this holly can be found in the Berry Garden at Ladew Topiary Gardens in Monkton, Maryland. 'Satyr Hill' has beautiful bold leaves and lots of large red berries. Another excellent holly is Ilex opaca 'Miss Helen' which also produces an abundance of berries.

Bill carries two of Mr. Henry Hohman's plants: the very small Ilex crenata 'Kingsville Green Cushion' (an edging type of Japanese holly) and Ilex opaca 'Cheerful', a female American holly with a dense, compact habit. These are difficult to find but well worth buying.

Besides hollies, Bill grows and sells what interests him; so you'll always find an interesting assortment of perennials, trees, shrubs, and other plants.

After Thanksgiving, McLean Nurseries makes and sells beautiful Christmas wreaths using live material such as red- and yellow-berried holly, boxwood, variegated and green leaves with accents of different plants. The prices are very reasonable.

McLean Nurseries
9000 Satyr Hill Road, Baltimore, MD
Phone 410-882-6714

Other Local Nurseries

There are many garden/plant nurseries and garden centers in Harford County as well as in nearby areas. A few that I've visited are:

Kollar Nursery

Kingsdene Nursery

Valley View Farms