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This website is about gardening in clay soil in Harford County, Md. If you don't have clay soil or don't live in Harford County, you may still find it interesting as it has lots of info about gardening with plants. There are lots of pictures.

The Navigation Menu is a java-script-enabled menu which I found on the web many years ago. It works well using Mozilla Thunderbird which is my preferred method of moving around the world wide web! The paragraph "Navigation Menu" describes how to move around the website and some of the things you will find in it.

You'll find newsletter articles too with appropriate articles for the Maryland area and other similar areas. The articles under the various headings such as "Design" are from previous newsletters.

Upright Plants

The Horticultural Society of Maryland published a shortened article written by me entitled "Upright Plants". If you would like to read the entire article, please click Upright Plants.

Navigation Menu . . .

To use the navigation menu, move your mouse over the menu. You'll see that the main menu has sub menus and some of the sub menus have sub menus. When you find a topic of interest, click on it and you'll be taken to that page. What's fun about the menu is that it moves with you as you move up and down the page! Therefore, you don't have to go back to the top of the page to use the navigation menu. To go quickly to the top of the page, just click "Home" in the menu.

"About Gardenesque" includes info about my business, pictures of my garden, pictures of some of my clients' gardens, and a disclaimer.

The "Newsletter" is no longer being updated. It has links to important articles about pests afflicting Maryland gardens.

"The Basics" includes design articles, planting and maintenance articles, and a glossary of gardening terms.

Plant information is under the menu heading "Plants for Clay Soil". The plant lists of new plants for each year are under the menu heading "New Plant Lists".

"Other Garden Things" has pages about wildlife (attracting birds and butterflies, etc.), technology (website links and articles about special websites such as Garden Gate), local and mail order nurseries, and my articles on gardens to visit in the area.

What I Do . . .

I no longer offer consultations or landscape designs but I keep this web site going as a service to homeowners looking for garden information. Click here to go to my "Artists Attic" webpage that links to many pictures of my "Gardenesque Landscape Design Images" which includes digital renderings of clients' properties showing my design changes. They may be of interest to you and give you some design ideas.

The geographic area covered by this website is Harford County in the State of Maryland and nearby areas of Baltimore County and Cecil County.

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